Incentives encourage risk and promote hard work. Our promised financial partnership, in conjunction with a group’s hard earned savings, tangibly expresses our commitment to their journey and incents their discipline and savings. Our partner women's groups express their commitment through the thousands of hours each woman toils to complete her savings goal, and the group's overall project.

Projects that the women's groups work together on vary from each woman getting one (or two or three!) 10,000 liter water tanks, to projects where each woman has solar powered lights at her home. The possibilities for what they want to achieve is endless, and as their capacity to succeed is opened, they achieve what they thought was impossible!

In 2016, 170 water tanks were purchased through our partnership with the Kenya women's groups! Those tanks will serve not only the women, but their families and communities as well. That comes out to impacting over 800 people for good.

In Indonesia, 40 piglets received vaccinations through 4 WEI women's groups, helping 20 women increase their pig rearing businesses.

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