WEI Forum w/ Reneé Stearns

Tuesday, February 4th: Join us for a special evening with Renee Stearns, author and passionate advocate for the poor. Renee will tell about writing “He Walks Among Us” with her husband Rich. She will share about people in the book who touched her personally and of the One she saw in their lives and stories. Reneé will be available to sign their book and copies…

Book Forum 2014

It’s here! The new Book Forum for 2014 is here with great new books and fun ways for you to expand your understanding of the challenges and triumphs of people living in and overcoming poverty and oppression. Check out this year’s book list and grow your world view.

Celebrating Walk for Water

What happens when 223 walkers come together to change lives? Two-hundred people receive the life-giving blessing of clean water! On Sunday, May 5th, walkers, sponsors, donors, volunteers, and a few dogs, joined in partnership with women in rural Kenya to bring clean water to families there. Our combined efforts mean improved health and livelihood for 24 families.

Harvesting the Fall Rains

The fall rains have come to Kenya! WEI women’s groups are rejoicing that the rains have been longer and heavier than expected. In Mbooni the tanks are full and even in Kibwezi and…

Wikililye Finishes 1st Project

It is amazing how much can be done when a group of people come together and work toward a significant goal. In December, with the help of a WEI matching grant, the Wikililye Kamweleni group reached their goal of a rain harvesting system, complete wtih a 10,000 liter water tank, installed at the home of each of the 32 group members. Read about the group and how they did it…

Tanks Sent to Shukrani!

Thanks to your generous support, we were able to send matches for 5 more tanks to the Shukrani women’s group in Western Kenya last week. This group is only 4 tank matches away from completing their first project!

Team Returns from Kenya

In early October, a team of 13 women from the greater Seattle area returned from a work project in Kenya.  The team traveled to Kibwezi Kenya to work alongside the members of four WEI women’s groups. In just 5 short days our combined team of Kenyan and US women built 15 concrete bases on which […]

Meet Kyamithenge Group

One of WEI’s newest partner groups in Kenya is Taa Wa Kyamithenge, which translated means “Light of Kyamithenge.” This group is one of three that received matching tanks from this year’s Walk for Water. Introduced to WEI by a group in a neighboring village, these 35 women desire to “be light in our aread by doing the worthy project of water.”

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